Join me, Greg Gorman, Seth Resnick and others in Toronto!

28 05 2012

Join me, Greg Gorman, Seth Resnick and a whole shebang of other awesome people at:

These shows in Toronto are huge!  I’d say bigger than the PPA convention and the photo enthusiast crowd in Canada is unlike the states.  There’s more passionate photographers in a country that is one/10th the size of the U.S., but the stores are bigger and the activity is huge here.  Click here for more info!

High Speed Sync – Canon

28 05 2012

I am looking forward to putting up many more YouTube videos lately because whenever I go into a convention, the things I hear most often about why our products are great are because of 1) our customer service people!  and 2) the YouTube videos.

Now that I have my special video rig and editing console all wired in, I can’t wait to make SO many more videos.  Free and always will be 🙂

A Special Offer Just for You

25 05 2012

Happy Friday,

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The beautifully warming AmberDome

24 05 2012

The amberdome is such a fun unit to use in late in the day. or a surfing shoot, or shooting hanggliders – I could go on forever!  But it’s awesome for weddings!  This is a wedding I shot a few years ago for my wife’s friend (she tricked me into shooting the wedding!  I said, I don’t remember saying I’d do it, and she said yes you did, so I wound up shooting it.  Then she says you were right, you never said you were going to shoot it.

And I asked – why did  you do that??  She said that it wasn’t a lie, it actually was a trick.


It was an awesome wedding for sure.

Shooting Outdoors With Fill Flash

24 05 2012

I often hear people say, “I’m an available light photographer”.  Most often, the people who say are really intimidated by speedlights and typically don’t own or use one.

Lightsphere Collapsible Basic Kit

The Lightsphere Collapsible Basic Kit

Available light is nice because it is natural. However, when soft flash fill is added, flesh tones are MUCH more beautiful. The photo on the left is available light.  Those of you who shoot in open shade (especially Nikons that are non D800 or D3s or D4 – which use Sony sensors) are familiar with the cool cyan cast that comes with auto white balance.

Forcing the camera into “open shade” white balance often looks too brown. The cure is to use a Lightsphere Collapsible, with the amberdome pointing straight forward, as I did on the photo on the right.  Unlike the photo in the center (where direct flash blew out the flesh tones) the Amberdome gives a beautiful light that looks incredibly natural. Hint: when setting up your camera for outdoor shoots, select color style “Neutral” which means that saturation and contrast are set to “0” or flat.

If you want to get this gear, click on the image above.  Use discount code, “GFPATRON” for 10% off at checkout on everything in the store 🙂

Patented In China!

22 05 2012

This photo is our new patent for China.  It’s for the GearGuard line, the only security system for cameras and lenses.  I have a locking lens cap, and bag locks, and a body lock that fits in the tripod socket.

I have a number of worldwide patents, and once you know the procedure, it gets a lot less intimidating.  It is expensive (especially to secure worldwide rights) and for most people it really isn’t worth the expense.  The first part is to know if your product is marketable, but then you also have to protect it in case of counterfeits.

The nice thing is, the process of protecting your idea doesn’t have to be expensive.  And if you are thinking of hiring one of those “invention” firms, I haven’t yet seen one that is worth it.  They’re like modeling agencies that charge you a fee.  They kind of prey on people’s dreams.

So if you want some free advice for inventors, it’s on my YouTube Video here.

I think everybody is a budding inventor.  If you’ve ever said, “Why doesn’t anybody make a _________”?  Then that’s the mindset for creativity.

For me, I’m the ultimate consumer.  I buy gadgets, and often nobody makes the gadget I want.  So when I say the sentence above, we start the product process.

Below is the product that just got patented.  If you have ever lost a camera or lens due to theft, it seriously makes you SICK.  I’ve had an entire collection of gear taken once ($55,000) and thank goodness I was insured.  But still, I wish I had locked the stuff up after it was too late.

Click on the image below to see product details, and enter product code GFPATRON for a special discount.

Thank you!

gary fong GearGuard

GearGuard™ Locking Lens Cap

Gary Fong GearGuard DSLR security lock for digital cameras

GearGuard™ Tripod Body Lock

Who Is Going To Protect You?

21 05 2012

ImageAfter the big MeaganK photo news (where a photographer stole the images off of other photographer’s sites, and then made up stories about the couples in the pictures on her blog post), here comes another controversy of ripoff published by a photographer. (click on image to view).

These are weird times if you are interested in being a professional photographer.  I have never seen a declining industry (in dollar volume) have such a surge in “get rich quick” workshops and seminars!  And most of them are seriously fake.  No track record, and very little honesty.

I made a promise to myself.  When and if I ever got to a level of success, I would do what I can to help people not as far up the road.  I never charge a speaking fee, and as many of you know, I answer emails personally.  But I didn’t think I would take the role of consumer advocate.

I first learned of the topic of this latest controversy when a photographer reached out to me and explained that she had paid like $600 for a skype consultation.  She was told to “triple her prices” straight away, with no background information otherwise.  She did, and her business stopped, as common sense would dictate.

So many people call themselves experts or portray themselves as rich and famous, I guess to sell workshops and seminars.  To those of you outside of the portrait/wedding photography world,  I know you are going, “huh?”.  

To avoid the scam workshops, go to  Or contact me on my facebook page or twitter.  I’ll give you the truth about what I know.