Why I Spend So Much Time Protecting Unsuspecting Photographers

31 07 2012

Here’s a story of how a super salesman took my dad’s life savings when I was six, and how it changed me today.

What’s A Really Good Camera On A Limited Budget?

30 07 2012


27 07 2012

It’s #9908 for all books in the world – which is GREAT considering it is in limited release!!!  Holy smokes thank you and if you love the book tell your friends!


Wedding Photographer Who Did a Great Job Threatened with $300k Jury Lawsuit!

24 07 2012

It’s Done!!! It’s HERE! This is some of my finest work ever!

19 07 2012

I cannot wait to get this into your hands!  Thank you to the thousands of people who helped me select THIS as the cover for the new book!

This book is one that needs to be out there.  It’s a complete analysis of social media, instant popularity, and a fickle crowd creating buzz like a tornado then moving on.

The first few pages are free, so click here and read a sample!

Free Downloadable Forms, Now in Word Format

14 07 2012

I’ve created a handy form to use as a booking tool.  It’s a “job application” for a photographer, and it asks for information like, “do you have insurance”, etc.  It’s available in PDF or WORD format in instant download.

due diligence photographer interview form for brides

Photographer Interview Form

It’s a great way to educate your client as to what are questions to ask a photographer.  I have no idea what to ask a drywaller.  But if a drywaller gave me this filled out application (plus blanks) and explained the importance of each of the fields on the page, I’d really appreciate it, and I’d hand it over to anybody else I was interviewing.  It would help me set standards of professionalism, in the mind of me, the consumer.

Here’s the link to the pDF click here.  Here’s the link to the WORD document (which will automatically transfer to your desktop).  I hope this is a helpful tool for you to use in your business.

Setting Up Off-Camera Flash for Nikon

8 07 2012