Wedding Photographer Who Did a Great Job Threatened with $300k Jury Lawsuit!

24 07 2012



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28 07 2012

Gary, I was a studio photographer in Washington state for over 30 years and photographed 100’s of weddings. I’ve never been sued or even threatened and never heard of such a jerk. You’re a standup guy for sticking up for him. Professional Photographers of America, PPA, has an affordable indemnity program that would have helped … along with a contract.

29 07 2012
Bruce Allen Hendricks MPA, F.Ph. F/PPOC-BC, CPP

IIIFFFFFF the photographer was part of PPA he would have legal help. But hey, these shoot and burn types are all doing it for quick cash and don’t care what they are doing to the industry. He’s dumb enough to not use a contract, so hopefully he learns a huge lesson here on how to be a professional.

29 07 2012
Carlos benjamin

The photographer needs to send the letter to the local BAR Assoc….

29 07 2012

That letter should be sent to the local BAR Assoc…..

30 07 2012

great story but you say umm too much

1 08 2012
Damian Lau

This lawsuit is downright baseless. I’ve worked with this named photographer on numerous occasions for my wedding banquet and wedding photoshoot and have to say that he is one of the most professional people I have worked with regardless of industry. Someone is exploiting his kindness and that is a shame. This ‘attorney’ will not win when the truth is heard.

5 08 2012

I would write back…

“We refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram (1971).


5 07 2013

That’s hilarious! Love it.

5 08 2012
Steve Brody

Threatening to injure someone’s reputation by posting negative comments about them on the internet unless they pay you is the crime of blackmail.

8 08 2012

Maybe he needs to check with Rachel Brenke. She is a photographer & has either passed the bar or is gearing up for the bar. Maybe she would be willing, if nothing else, to do some leg work for free.

6 11 2013
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