Twitter Contest: Winner Announced

31 08 2012

There are still a few more chances to win some of the BRAND NEW products at Gary Fong this weekend. Make sure to go to our Twitter page and Follow us HERE

We will be choosing one lucky winner who will receive the NEW Black Lightsphere Collapsible Snoot & Colored Dome Kit.

Please RETWEET the following.

“ReTweet AND Follow @garyfonginc to be a lucky winner of the NEW Black Lightsphere Collapsible Snoot & Colored Dome Kit”

Make sure to tag us in your tweet so we can keep up with those of you who are participating.

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Congratulations to @LesRickphotos for being randomly chosen to be the winner of the NEW Black Lightsphere Collapsible Snoot & Colored Dome Kit. @LesRickphotos please email with your shipping address, email, and phone number. Thank you to all who participated. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more ways to win.

Congratulations to the Winners

31 08 2012

We are so excited about our new products that we decided to do a fun little contest. Thank you for all of you who participated.

Congratulations to the winners of the Black Lightsphere Collapsible Snoot and Colored Dome Kits. If your name is listed below please email with your name, email and shipping address included so we can send your prize.

1. Kristen Conte

2. Dustin Thompson

3. Jason Monet

4. Reto Brullmann (email received)

5. Alicia Neely

6. Amanda Logiodice

If you weren’t a winner randomly selected, stay tuned to our facebook, instagram and twitter pages to make get in on our next contest that will be launching this weekend.



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How I Treasure Our Wedding Photographs

28 08 2012

Available Light vs. Fill Flash vs. Lightsphere

18 08 2012

Available light can be gorgeous.  But as you’ll notice, when you’re shooting for available light, you have to move your subject around to the ideal spot with great lighting, and then you have to circle around your subject until you find the right angle.  If you’re shooting event coverage, you don’t really have time or the opportunity to line up your subject in the ideal spot.  And even when you have ideal available light (soft, diffuse, non-directional) using a Lightsphere allows you to even improve on available light.

I think the sequence below says a thousand words:


Note the nice catchlight in the eyes, and check out how much more vivid the colors are on her top.  And lastly, do you feel like the flash is “visible” in the image on the right?  To me, it looks natural, unlike flash.  This is why you see so many professional photographers using their Gary Fong Lightsphere Diffusers outdoors.  It cleans up white balance, fills in the deep shadows, increases color saturation, gives a catchlight and gives colors more pop.

To order your own Lightsphere, click here

Attention Wedding Couples and Planners!!! You Need To Watch This!

18 08 2012

My book, “Rockstar” is a call to action for Professional Photography to make the imposters more transparent. So many couples are getting burned by photographers who don’t deliver images.  And even worse are unscrupulous photography seminar instructors who are just out to sell educational materials and workshops.

I’ve seen a video where this this woman named Janelle asks this “Rockstar” couple when she should just quit her job and go full time as a professional photographer.  And, without looking at her experience, talent or skill – he says the most stupid, irresponsible thing I’ve seen in a long time.  The pinhead says –

“DO IT NOW!   “What’s the worst that can happen.  Do you really think, Janelle, that you’ll really be on the street homeless?”  And Janelle says, “My house might be foreclosed”  and this buffoons says, “it’s not!  It’s not going to happen!”

Folks, people who say things like this are just trying to look cool so they can get your money.  They’re trying to sell educational materials and fill seats in workshops.  So they prey on nervous people who don’t feel sure.  And so what will happen is Janelle, and all of the Janelle’s out there watching are going to listen to that advice, “face their fears” and go into business.  And things like this happen to trusting people like Janelle… here is the sad story of Heather Peachee, aspiring professional photographer.

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