How To Shoot Wireless On Manual Mode

27 01 2013

In this video, I show you how to use one of them Yungnuo super inexpensive flash triggers to shoot on Manual mode for lots of creativity. And I also explain why it’s maybe not a good approach!

Super Inexpensive Wireless Flash Setup

25 01 2013

For those of you looking to get into wireless, off-camera solutions right away, one of the options is to purchase a very inexpensive flash trigger. This solution has a lot of limitations, such as the inability to enjoy TTL metering, or high speed sync. (In other words, it’s better to use the camera’s built-in wireless flash function than to use a non-TTL slave trigger.) This video explains why.

Unboxing The Lightsphere Collapsible Pro Kit

25 01 2013

Not only is this top-of-the-line kit a great value (as compared to purchasing each item by itself) but it is the best set of tools for the professional photographer to change or modify lighting, on-the-go, with the smallest bulk possible.

With the Pro Kit, you can change completely the lighting of any situation, including color temperature (in relation to the subject), shape and power. Watch this video for a glimpse at what you can do with it!

(if you watch until the end, there’s a little easter egg for ya!)

Step by Step Guide for Lightsphere Collapsible

23 01 2013

this video was shot today. My most important function as a person who designs flash accessories is to teach people how to use my inventions the way they were designed.

The big question is, what is the best lighting for flash? After you see this video, I hope you learn something really powerful and motivating!

Pentax Wireless Flash Tutorial

18 01 2013

Pentax owners have a very loyal following – typically from their great experiences with prior cameras and lens compatibility.  There are still a lot of Pentax users out there, but very little information on how to use the more esoteric techniques like off-camera wireless ration flash.  This demo was done with the Pentax K5ii and the two flashes.  I hope you like this:

How To Do Ratio Lighting Made Simple!

17 01 2013

Here is a really really detailed yet simple video on how to setup a flash system with ratios. This is one of the most powerful photography techniques for creativity, but most people think it’s really hard and complicated.

I don’t! watch the video!

January Photo Contest WINNER ANNOUNCED: “Show Us Your Passion”

14 01 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to the TWO winners of the “Show Us Your Passion” Photo Contest:

WINNER #1: Michelle Grove of Redheaded Ninja Photography


WINNER #2: Dalibor of Dalibor Válek Photography

When the chidlren from our playground play the football.
Thank you to Phottix for being a wonderful sponsor and to all of you who entered. Next photo contest coming soon.


Happy New Year! We are so excited to begin our photo contests this year. This month we celebrate starting fresh and making changes. It’s a New Year and a New You and we want you to “Show Us Your Passion.”

A special thanks to Phottix for being a sponsor this month and donating two wonderful prizes. Two winners will be selected and will receive an Odin Wireless System for a Canon or a Nikon from Phottix and a Lightsphere Collapsible Pro Kit per each Winner (1) Nikon and (1) Canon from Gary Fong Flash Diffusers

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE and send your image to:

  • Image must be JPEG, in sRGB color space, with the long side as 1800px at a resolution of 300dpi
  • File must be named as “lastnamefirstinitialcamerabranddate(yyyymmdd)” (i.e. ‘fonggcanon20130110’)
  • You must own the image
  • No titles, names, watermarks, or other text on the image
  • Add a link to your facebook page if applicable

Show Us Your Passion Winners will be a juried selection by representatives of Gary Fong, Inc. and Phottix. Participants can submit entries to the contest starting at 12:01 AM January 11 until January 31 at 11:59 PM. WInner will be announced February 7th, 2013.