Really? Shooting Indoors With Flash At f1.8?

18 02 2013

This video shows a quite stunning demonstration of available light vs. soft flash. In this demonstration, I set the lens to f1.8. By shooting with an aperture wide open like this, I’m able to achieve a look that is identical to shooting in low lighting with the lens wide open.

Not a lot of people venture this wide open in flash photography, and that’s a huge missed opportunity for creativity. Watch this video, and you’ll see a comparison between available light and a very soft flash puff.

One thing great about using flash for your indoor images is that the main color temperature never changes. this dramatically increases your workflow in post.

Another Ugly Room Made Beautiful

17 02 2013

We all have run into the situation where we have an awful area to shoot.

When I was a novice photographer, I would really freak out in a non-studio setting. Then I’d start moving furniture around to try to find a clean background that looked decent. And the lighting in the room would be typically be awful. Using flash made it worse. What I didn’t know then was that I could eliminate the surrounding room entirely, by simply using directed flash to eliminate the ugly room.

The easiest way to understand flash photography is to grasp the concept that with flash, there are actually two exposures going on; the first one is the “ambient” light, with a much higher speed “blitz” of flash as another simultaneous exposure. The neat thing is that you can mix the two independently so that your flash can “blend” with the ambient light, or you can make your flash relatively so powerful, that the ambient light disappears. This is especially handy when you have an ugly background!

In the example above, the first photo on the left shows where my model was. left, She is sitting at the bottom of a stairwell in a utility building. From that very spot, using only two speedlights and my Snoot and Lightsphere with color tabs, I was able to instantly create the dramatic images you see above.

I have been very very busy making instructional YouTube videos – right now I have over 9,000 subscribers and over 2.7 million page views. I’m all about making instructional videos because I so often see photographers who don’t understand flash, and therefore have use whatever light is available. With just a few pieces of inexpensive equipment, they could quickly create awesome results. I can make blue skies on cloudy days, and I can make a swimming pool look like a fiery red cauldron. In seconds!

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