Live Chat on our e-store!!

14 04 2013

Hi from Gary.

I learn so much from my customers, which is why I spend a lot of time in camera stores, or doing little workshops.  I get to hear what photographers want to get out of their equipment, and where they are getting confused in using their gear.  This is why I do so many YouTube videos.  I can make innovative products, but unless you know how to use them to their best potential, they’re just things to put in your camera bag.

I just added Live Chat to our e-store.  When the green chat bubble is on the right, that means I or one of our product experts is on.  I’m always on it by the way, but if it gets busy there’s a number of us, many of whom are professional photographers as well.

Coming up soon will be our knowledgebase, and help forums.  My job, and my passion, is to have raving customer satisfaction with my products.










Here’s my first conversation on the chat!  This is fun 🙂

Chat conversation Live Agent