Gary Fong Interviews Jason Groupp from WPPI

29 01 2014

In this interview, Gary Fong interviews Jason Groupp, the head of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers, International), the largest trade organization for professional photographers.

Every year, WPPI hosts the largest event of the year in Las Vegas. In 2014, it will be held at the MGM Grand, starting end of February.

In this interview, you’ll hear Jason explain his passion for the convention and the profession, what WPPI looks for in the speakers it selects, and how he has had to make difficult choices in removing speakers for unprofessional ethics.


WPPI 2014 and A Special Discount Code

23 01 2014

I’m so excited to be speaking at WPPI this year! My seminar is titled Build an Empire Through Rave Referrals. I hope you can join me—I’ve got a special code just for you!

Please join me on March 3 and receive $75 OFF a Full Conference Pass!!!

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Gary Fong On The Photography Industry, Rockstar Phenomenon and Copying

22 01 2014

In this video, Gary Fong answers an audience question about the state of the photography profession, confusion, plagiarism, trademark infringement and glamorized mockstars.

How to Prepare For a Public Speaking Program

21 01 2014

Longtime lecturer Gary Fong gives hints and tips on how to prepare for an effective seminar in front of a live audience. Included are tips to help calm nerves, and organizational tools.

The Secret To Understanding F-Stops For Creative Photography

14 01 2014

Gary Fong presents a quick guide to understanding f-stops, apertures, and Manual mode shooting on a D-SLR.

IMPORTANT Information on Backing up Your Digital Camera Images

13 01 2014

In this video, Gary Fong explains why it may be a better idea to use a small number very large memory cards, rather than multiple small ones – and also, why the original memory cards should be left pristine until the final product is delivered.

Hiring A Second Shooter – Contracts Warning!

8 01 2014

Gary Fong narrates over a proposed “associate photographer” contract and shows some of the danger that is possible with having an agreement drafted by a non-attorney.