WPPI 2014 and A Special Discount Code

23 01 2014

I’m so excited to be speaking at WPPI this year! My seminar is titled Build an Empire Through Rave Referrals. I hope you can join me—I’ve got a special code just for you!

Please join me on March 3 and receive $75 OFF a Full Conference Pass!!!

Use promo code WPPISpeaker. For more info and to register, CLICK HERE. For more information on my seminar CLICK HERE


How To Shoot Outdoor Off-Camera Fill Flash – HIGHLY DETAILED

17 01 2014

In this example, Gary Fong is using the Nikon D-SLR Flash and an SB900. This includes a button-by-button, menu-by-menu explanation including hardware requirements of how to shoot with outdoor fill flash, and includes a comparison between available light, Lightsphere, and Studio Umbrella flash. For product information, please CLICK HERE.

The Secret To Understanding F-Stops For Creative Photography

14 01 2014

Gary Fong presents a quick guide to understanding f-stops, apertures, and Manual mode shooting on a D-SLR.

IMPORTANT Information on Backing up Your Digital Camera Images

13 01 2014

In this video, Gary Fong explains why it may be a better idea to use a small number very large memory cards, rather than multiple small ones – and also, why the original memory cards should be left pristine until the final product is delivered.

How To Take Great Photos In Front Of The Christmas Tree

23 12 2013

Finally – just in time to save your holiday memories – the way to fix your camera so you get great pictures under the tree!

** Very Important Video On Backing Up Your Files **

17 12 2013

Hi from Gary Fong. I made the following video in response to some important lost image files.  Many files are lost because of an improper backup system, and it’s super important to have a very clear and concise method to storing your files properly.

In this clip, I explain why the best backup is your original media cards, and why it may be a lot safer to use a small number of very large memory cards than multiple small ones.

I think this is a very important video, even if you feel that you have your digital file asset management wired.  Enjoy.

Sony Alpha Series – State Of The Art DSLR Technology: Product Review

5 12 2013

In this new YouTube video Gary Fong demonstrates the technological advance behind the Sony Alpha series, featuring phase detection autofocus, object tracking, and an in-eyepiece digital viewfinder for pre visualizing the image before it has been taken.