How To Shoot Outdoor Off-Camera Fill Flash – HIGHLY DETAILED

17 01 2014

In this example, Gary Fong is using the Nikon D-SLR Flash and an SB900. This includes a button-by-button, menu-by-menu explanation including hardware requirements of how to shoot with outdoor fill flash, and includes a comparison between available light, Lightsphere, and Studio Umbrella flash. For product information, please CLICK HERE.

How To Take Great Photos In Front Of The Christmas Tree

23 12 2013

Finally – just in time to save your holiday memories – the way to fix your camera so you get great pictures under the tree!

** Very Important Video On Backing Up Your Files **

17 12 2013

Hi from Gary Fong. I made the following video in response to some important lost image files.  Many files are lost because of an improper backup system, and it’s super important to have a very clear and concise method to storing your files properly.

In this clip, I explain why the best backup is your original media cards, and why it may be a lot safer to use a small number of very large memory cards than multiple small ones.

I think this is a very important video, even if you feel that you have your digital file asset management wired.  Enjoy.


2 12 2013

Gary Fong Introduces 10 New Products Just in Time for the Holidays
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Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Speed Mount



Speed Snoot (collapsible) 



Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Lighting Kit: Portrait


Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Lighting Kit: Wedding & Event


Lightsphere® Collapsible™ G5 Lighting Kit: Fashion & Commercial


Puffer PLUS Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Canon

Puffer PLUS Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Sony/Konica Minolta 

Puffer PLUS Pop-Up Flash Diffuser


Puffer PLUS Warming Shield


Color Reference Kit




Mounting the NEW Gary Fong Lightsphere Speedmount on Larger Flash heads

28 10 2013

The Speed Snoot utilizes the newly designed Speed Mount system which allows photographers to securely attach and switch out modifiers in seconds. Once in place, photographers can rest assured that the Speed Snoot will stay securely in place, offering an equally tight fit for nearly all flash sizes. The new Speed Snoot gives photographers maximum efficiency and directional control over strobe lighting when mounted off-camera, allowing one to create cutting edge, “fashion style” special effects. The black finish of the Speed Snoot blocks the light spilled out of the sides of the diffuser so instead of filling a room with soft light, the photographer can project the light directly onto the subject with a controlled yet soft burst that is great for hair highlighting, selective lighting of subjects, or highlighting a subject against a busy background. In other words, the Speed Snoot allows you to focus light into the areas you want to highlight, and more importantly away from the areas you don’t. Watch the video below to see how to mount the new G5 Lightsphere Speedmount on the Nikon SB/910, SB/900, and the SB700 flashes.

Utilizes new Speed Mount that allows photographers to switch out modifiers in seconds, while providing an equally secure fit for nearly all flash sizes
Provides maximum efficiency and directional lighting control over strobes
Focuses light in areas you want and away from areas you don’t
Collapses to 1½ inches for ultimate portability and convenience
Includes Speed Snoot, PowerGrid, Archival Grip Band and Field Guide

Setting Up Off-Camera Flash for Nikon

8 07 2012