Public Appearances

I’m going to be in Toronto for public programs at the Congress Centre near the airport.

June 19-20, 2012 at “Profusion Expo” click here

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8 10 2013
Troy f/ San diego

Just wondering: Are you the same GF who did weddings in Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles) in the mid 80’s (and was eventually married to your assistant back then);
and more importantly was friends with another young entrepreneur/musician: Doug Waitman of Fine Arts Talent Agency/the band was named Rembrandt (I was their high school Filipino roadie/sound-guy back then).

23 10 2013

I was a wedding photographer based in Marina Del Rey!

23 10 2013

I recently spoke w/ Doug after so many years. He said “yes” you ARE the same GF photog who did all those countless weddings w/ us back in the 80’s when Rembrandt played. He also said he enjoyed doing your last Canadian Wedding and Birthday in LA. Glad you are doing well w/ your products and business adventures.

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