How To Shoot Outdoor Off-Camera Fill Flash – HIGHLY DETAILED

17 01 2014

In this example, Gary Fong is using the Nikon D-SLR Flash and an SB900. This includes a button-by-button, menu-by-menu explanation including hardware requirements of how to shoot with outdoor fill flash, and includes a comparison between available light, Lightsphere, and Studio Umbrella flash. For product information, please CLICK HERE.

Posing Tips and Overcoming Focusing Issues with your DLSR

4 12 2013

In this video tutorial Gary Fong gives tips on posing and focusing when using your DSLR Camera.This is an Interior shoot using a Canon 7D and Off-Camera Flash. He shows how to incorporate backgrounds to create design eliments, and how to overcome the focusing issues with most DSLR’s.

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1 11 2013

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A STEP BY STEP GUIDE to Off Camera Flash

23 10 2013

Gary Fong explains the basic settings for mounting and perfect exposure for off-camera lighting. Included is information on what kind of stands to buy, what kind of swivel head to use for fastest flash positioning, and types of triggers.

Off camera lighting gives your clients a beautiful, sculpted look.

For more product information CLICK HERE.